Michael Hughes Cscr-featured
Age 6
Race White
Sex Male
Location Choctaw, Oklahoma
Disappeared September 12, 1994
Missing for 25 years
Height 3'10
Weight 45 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide
Michael Hughes was the child of Suzanne Sevakis who disappeared in 1994. Sevakig was abducted by Franklin Delano Floyd, who falsely claimed Hughes was his son, and she remained unidentified for 25 years after her death in 1990.


Floyd is believed to have killed Suzanne in a hit and run accident and has been convicted of the murder of Cheryl Commesso, who remained unidentified for a year after her death.

He claimed that Michael is still alive, but in 2014 he admitted to killing him the same day he kidnapped him. Floyd remains on death row.

At Floyd's trial, the biological father claimed he was willing to take custody of Michael if he would be found alive, due to the fact Suzanne Sevakis was killed in a hit and run accident, which is believed to have been committed by Frank Delano Floyd, although he was never charged.



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