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Michelle Thomas
Michelle Thomas.jpg
Age 17
Race White
Sex Female
Location Alta Loma, Texas
Disappeared October 5, 1985
Missing for 35 years
Height 5'3
Weight 85 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Michelle Doherty Thomas was a teenager who went missing in 1985. Some speculate her disappearance could be related to that of other young women in the area, including Rene Richerson.


  • Gray eyes
  • Freckles
  • Scar on her neck
  • Brown hair

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue jeans
  • Tennis shoes
  • A beige purse
  • A Harley Davidson tank top


Michelle was last seen leaving her family's house with two male acquaintances. She was supposed to meet up with friends at a Galveston nightclub that evening, but she never arrived. The men Michelle left with said she went with two other men on the way to the nightclub. She has never been heard from again.

Michelle and her husband were police informants in March 1985 for a drug bust. She had agreed to become an informant to get her burglary charges dropped. Authorities believe she was abducted and murdered due to her involvement.