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Miss X
Sex Female
Race White
Location Bear, Delaware
Found March 18, 1967
Unidentified for 52 years
Postmortem interval 24 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 16 - 25
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation 110-115 pounds
Cause of death Blood poisoning (accidental)

For the girl found in 1958, see Little Miss X

Miss X was a young woman found dead in Bear, Delaware on March 18, 1967.


The unidentified woman's body was found near Porter Road, which was located in a rural area outside of Bear, Delaware. Her legs were covered with a laundry bag that belonged to a laundry and dry cleaning company in Trenton, New Jersey. The original owner of the laundromat had since died, but relatives of the owner remembered seeing a woman similar to the unidentified woman and she was either a customer or nearby resident.

Distant maternal relatives of the unidentified woman were found in Virginia and North Carolina, however none of the relatives that were contacted knew who she was. The unidentified woman has been buried in Potter's Field in Delaware.

In the original investigation, authorities believed the unidentified woman died as the result of an illegal abortion, due to soap-like substances found in her vaginal cavity, but it was later discovered that she'd died of untreated septicemia.

Physical Description

  • Her hair was was long, curly, and dark brown.
  • She had brown eyes.
  • She had a fair complexion and possibly had a Greek, Italian, or Jewish heritage.
  • Her build was described as "petite" and her bra size was estimated to be 34DD.
  • She was approximately three months pregnant.
  • She had blood type O.
  • Both of her earlobes were pierced but it appeared that she hadn't worn earrings in a long time.
  • The only noticeable marking she had was a vaccination scar on the front of her left thigh.
  • Her teeth were in good condition and she'd most likely seen a dentist six to twelve months before her death.

Clothing and Belongings

  • The only clothing she was wearing was blue bikini style panties with the manufacturers label removed.
  • Her hair was tied back with a 1/2" by 8" red ribbon.
  • The bag her legs were stuffed in was a large white cloth bag that measured 24" by 36" and read "Bag O - Storage. American Laundry. Dry Cleaning. EX4 5277."



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