Montreal John Doe was a man found who was found deceased under the Angrignon and Notre-Dame viaduct. He was a transient who regularly slept there.


  • He had short, black and white hair.
  • His eyes were maroon.
  • He had a thin or medium build.
  • He had a light complexion.
  • A mole was on his right ear.
  • He had two scars:
    • A four-centimeter scar on his right ankle.
    • A two-centimeter scar on his right leg.

Clothing and accessories

  • A wool toque.
  • A beige Canadian Trail winter coat.
  • A beige Zeller Crest sweater.
  • A blue and white, short-sleeved Harbour Crew sweater.
  • A white Next Menswear shirt in a size 16.
  • Long, blue Simply Basic coveralls.
  • Blue, R.R. denim pants with the waist sized 36.
  • A brown, leather belt.


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