Montreal John Doe was a male discovered in Quebec in 1998.


On June 8, 1998, the body of a male was spotted by boaters on the St. Lawrence River, at St-Donat near Bellerive Park in Montreal. According to the autopsy, the man may have made previous suicide attempts. He was found to be dressed in light clothing, suggesting his death may go back to the heatwave during the month of May 1998.


  • He had a piercing on his left ear.
  • A vertical scar on his abdomen near the naval.
  • He had long brown or black hair.
  • Natural teeth in poor condition.
  • Heavy build.


  • One grey sock on his left foot.
  • Grey leggings with a logo of a small black snake.
  • Blue nylon Surf King Majestic brand boxer-type swimsuit (size XL).
  • Red, short-sleeved Hawaii 2000 brand shirt..


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