"Mr. Bones" is the nickname given to a male found in 1958 after he died from a gunshot wound (it could not be determined whether it was an accident or an intentional suicide). Investigators do not believe the victim was from the Bedford area and he might be from Kentucky.


  • Straight, brown hair.
  • Gold dental work.
  • A "robust" build.
  • A large, round cranial vault with a narrow nasal aperture.
  • He wore plastic contact lenses.

Clothing and accessories

  • Grey woollen hunting socks with red tops.
  • Blue denim dungarees.
  • A wide black leather belt.
  • White T-shirt.
  • White shorts.
  • Black leather motorcycle jacket with a full length zip and pockets with zips.
  • Black engineering boots with buckles on the outside.
  • Right corneal plastic contact lenses.
  • Two poetry books and one science book.
  • "Extensive" camping equipment including a canteen and backpack. These showed few signs of prior use.
  • Black wallet containing $38.
  • A rifle, rifle case and a gun case key.


  • Manner undetermined
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