"Mr. X" was a man who the day following his initial discovery in November 1979, while in Edmonton, Alberta.


The unidentified man was transported to the Royal Alexandria Hospital after he collapsed at a Safeway store at 97th Street and 107th Avenue in Edmonton. He'd suffered a brain hemorrhage and was pronounced dead the next day.

Authorities believed the unidentified man may have been a transient, but nobody knew who he was or recognized him after authorities checked in with shelters, taverns, and hostels. His fingerprints didn't match with any missing person file, meaning he most likely wasn't a criminal or veteran.

He has since been buried in plot 95 at Edmonton's Beechmont Cemetery.


  • Short brown, graying hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • He had only one upper tooth.

Clothing and accessories

  • His outfit consisted of:
    • A black CAT Diesel Power hat.
    • A blue waist length jacket.
    • A blue cardigan sweater.
    • A black T-shirt.
    • A green shirt.
    • Dark green pants.
  • He had two change purses.
    • One of them was for coins.
    • The other had the name "Josie" written on it.
  • A hotel key was found in his coat pocket. The key belonged to room #114 at the Windsor Hotel in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. The hotel was demolished in 2002.
  • He had a brace on his right leg.
  • He had a brown walking cane.


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