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Myasokombinat Jane Doe is a young woman who was murdered by Kyrgyzstani-Russian serial killer Kegashbek Orunbayev in July 2007.


In July 2007, the victim and Orunbayev encountered each other on the streets of Ulan-Ude, the capital city of Buryatia. After acquainting themselves, both took a taxi to the the village of Myasokombinat, where they drank alcohol on the banks of the Uda River. After chatting for some time, Kegashbek offered to have sex with her, but the victim refused. Enraged, he strangled the girl, and later had sex with her corpse. He left the body lying on the riverbank, before returning the following day, dismembering the remains and throwing them into the water. Information is conflicting whether the victim's remains were recovered or not, but her identity has never been established. Orunbayev, who had two previous murder convictions, was sentenced to life imprisonment for this and two other murders.


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