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New Castle County John Doe was a man found murdered in Wilmington, Delaware on September 12, 1993.


The victim was discovered by a lost motorist from Baltimore, Maryland who pulled over off Marsh Road near Interstate 95 in Brandywine Hundred to check a map. He was blindfolded, wrapped, and dumped along the roadside.

Based on his wear facets and heavy tartar and tobacco deposits, the victim was probably over thirty years old.

A seven-digit number was written in one shoe and it was possibly the former phone number of a Domino's Pizza in Brick, New Jersey. It is unknown if this clue led anywhere. His fingerprints and dental records were taken and his His nuclear DNA and mtDNA profiles are currently in the CODIS system, but no matches have been made.

The victim was buried in plot 00275 of New Castle County Potters Field Cemetery in New Castle, Delaware. His previous 3D reconstruction is located at the Delaware State Police Museum and Educational Center along DuPont Highway in Dover, Delaware.


  • Straight black hair, four to six inches long.
  • Very dark brown eyes.
  • Missing part of right ring finger from the distal joint; the stump well-healed.
  • Possible previous neck injury.
  • Extra long left pinkie fingernail, which was a known characteristic of Asian royalty or drug use.
  • Well-groomed nails.
  • Maxillary incisors were "shovel-shaped".
  • There were generalized wear facets in varying degrees on all teeth.
  • Heavy tartar and tobacco deposits.
  • No evident dental restorations or existing decay.

Clothing and accessories

  • Light-colored Ralph Lauren polo jacket.
  • Short sleeved T-shirt.
  • Tan Bugle Boy trousers, size 28 medium.
    • In front pocket was a piece of tissue wrapped around with three unspent .38 caliber bullets.
  • White boxer shorts with turquoise squared design.
  • Bikini-type light-colored jockey shorts.
  • Brown or tan leather-like slip-on shoes with rubber soles.