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Nogales John Doe is a man whose decomposed remains was found near the United States/Mexico border near Nogales, Arizona. Few details are available in his case.


  • Dark brown to Black hair, 5" long.
  • Mustache.
  • Several scars on the back side of left forearm above and below the elbow. At least one was sutured closed ("stitches").
  • Fifteen tattoos all over his arms and chest of the following:
    • The name "Elbina".
    • The name "Lola".
    • The name "Lupe".
    • The words "Mi Vida Loca" (Spanish for "My crazy life").
    • The words "Guero Loco" (Spanish for "Crazy Blonde").
    • The words "Amor y ...".
    • A snake.
    • The ace of Spades playing card.
    • Several female faces.
    • A heart.
    • A heart and cross
    • A star.


  • White brief-style underpants.
  • Double-looped black cord bracelet.