Norfolk County John Doe
Sex Male
Race White
Location Port Rowan, Ontario
Found October 17, 1964
Unidentified for 55 years
Postmortem interval 3 months or more
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 20-40
Height approximation 5'11” - 6'1”
Weight approximation 190 pounds
Cause of death Not stated
Norfolk County John Doe is an man whose remains were recovered from Lake Erie, off the tip of Long Point near Port Rowan, Ontario.


  • Present appendix.
  • Some of his molars had amalgam fillings.
  • A gold inlay was in his lower right second molar.


  • Brown, tan, or khaki swimming trunks with a black or dark blue stripe on each side. Size 34" waist.
  • A single black sock.


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