Norman Welsh
Age 31
Race White
Sex Male
Location North Bay, Ontario
Disappeared July 19, 1976
Missing for 44 years
Height 6’
Weight 134 pounds
Classification Not stated

Norman Richard Welsh (born September 15, 1944) was a man who disappeared from North Bay, Ontario in 1976.


  • Short, straight brown hair.
  • Has slightly stained teeth, missing front teeth on the upper left.
  • Has two tooth partial plate.
  • Slender build.
  • Dark complexion.
  • Has a scar under his hair due to an operation at age 16.
  • He requires medication for epileptic seizures.


On the day prior to his disappearance, Norman and his mother were vacationing in the area. An incident occurred where police had taken Norman to a local hospital. Norman was described as bitter and uncooperative in the hospital.  He wanted to return home to St. Catharines, Ontario.

He was later transported to the North Bay Psychiatric Hospital. While being escorted between buildings, he ran off into the wooded area and hasn't been seen since then.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black and white shirt.
  • Blue and gray checkered knit pants.
  • Slippers.
  • He may have carried $14.00.


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