Oneida County John Doe was a man found in a field in Rhinelander, Wisconsin in 1980. Upon the discovery of his body, investigators did not believe that he had died under sinister circumstances, possibly from an accident. Little information is available as to what the official ruling was, and the current investigators are "unsure" whether additional details can be mentioned publicly.


  • Graying, receding and slightly long black hair.
  • Sideburns and a few areas of stubble on his chin
  • Marks near his nose, likely from glasses.
  • Shoe size 12.

Clothing and accessories

  • Corduroy jacket.
  • Button-up blue sweater.
  • Red and white plaid, button-up shirt.
  • Brown and white plaid scarf.
  • Dark blue corduroy pants.
  • Black belt.
  • Black Oxford shoes.
  • Brown fur earmuffs.
  • White-metal Helibros Invincible wristwatch.
  • A comb.
  • A compass.
  • A pink card celebrating the 89th anniversary of the "International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers".



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