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Palm Beach County John Doe was a man whose skeletal remains were found on January 2, 1996 in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was identified in early 2021.


The victim's remains were found off the I-95, north of Blue Heron Boulevard, Rivera Beach, Florida and a few miles northeast of the Veterans Administration medical center on Beeline Highway and Blue Heron. Found with the victim was a .22 caliber rifle and two banana clips.

On May 18, 1995, the presence of an armed man wearing military fatigues caused the medical center to evacuate. Based on his clothing and presence of the rifle and ammo clips next to him, it was implied the decedent was the armed man, but it remains unclear if this was officially confirmed.


  • Grey hair.
  • He had an operation on his lower spine.
  • His teeth were removed years prior and he did not wear false teeth.

Clothing and accessories

  • Army-style hooded jacket.
  • Black long-sleeve button-down shirt.
  • Brown laced-up boots.
  • .22 caliber rifle.
  • Two banana clips.
  • Two keys, one of which was a US Postal Box key (#68887), on a metal ring with a white plastic tag which read 'Love.'