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Pamela Lindsey is the name used by a woman who died of natural causes in Gary, Indiana in 2020.

Her NamUS was removed in December 2020, indicating she had been identified.


On January 29, 2020, Pamela was found dead at her roommate's home. Her roommate, Lamuel Jackson stated her potential name is Pamela Lindsey and believed her to be about 60 years old. Mr Jackson believes her date of birth is April 21, (1950-1960).

Mr Jackson was told she was born in Arkansas. He had met her in Chicago, Illinois where they were homeless and became friends.

Mr Jackson found out his father died and inherited his home in Gary, Indiana where he asked Pamela to move in with him. They came to Indiana in 2006. Mr Jackson said she had a state ID card several decades ago but had lost it.

Mr Jackson said she tried getting a new one, but was unable to since her birth certificate is somewhere in Arkansas. There was no documentation at the home with her name on it. There were no records of her at any local hospitals. She had refused to go to doctors, dentists, or hospitals according to Mr Jackson. He said she left her family in Arkansas because they were all on drugs, she never gave names, or really spoke about her family.

The Lake County Coroner's office is seeking the public's help in finding relatives of a deceased woman.


  • Black naturally curly shoulder-length hair, which was graying.
  • Brown eyes.
  • 3 teeth remaining, front top tooth, and 2 bottom center teeth.
  • Circular scar on left knee.