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*{{NamUs MP|9909|{{PAGENAME}}}}
*{{NamUs MP|9909|{{PAGENAME}}}}
*{{Charley Project|patricia-louise-zentner}}
*[http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/z/zentner_patricia.html Charley Project]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Zetner, Patricia}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Zetner, Patricia}}

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Patty Lou Zentner
Patricia Louise Zentner.jpg
Age 2
Race White
Sex Female
Location Garden City, Michigan
Disappeared August 28, 1964
Missing for 57 years
Height 3'
Weight 31 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Patricia Zetner was a toddler who went missing in 1964 with her mother, Millie Zetner. Foul play is suspected in their cases.