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Patty Wood
Patty Wood.jpeg
Age 3 - 4
Race White
Sex Female
Location Swanzey, New Hampshire
Disappeared 1976
Missing for 45 years
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Classification Suspected homicide

Patricia Ann "Patty" Wood was a toddler who disappeared in 1976 in New Hampshire. She is missing under suspicious circumstances.


Patty was last seen in 1976, and she lived with her father and stepmother, John and Judith Wood. Her biological mother was told by John and Judith that she perished in a car accident. However, John and Judith told others that she was with her mother. Her disappearance was reported in 1987 (11 years later), and John and Judith committed suicide the day after Judith was confronted by police.

Patty had previously been treated for injuries, had to be hospitalized at least once, and was suspected to be a victim of child abuse by doctors. Patty was placed in foster care for several months, but eventually returned to her family and CPS subsequently closed their file on her.

Patty's stepbrother told police Patty had been drowned in the bathtub by John and Judith, and was buried in the backyard. The backyard was later searched by authorities, but to no avail. Patty's body has never been recovered, but she is missing under very suspicious circumstances. Regardless, nobody has been charged in her case.