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Paul Alwardt
Paul Alwardt.jpeg
Age 18
Race White
Sex Male
Location Falmouth, Massachusetts
Disappeared March 31, 1978
Missing for 43 years
Height 5'10
Weight 150 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Paul Rudolph Alwardt was a young man who went missing in 1978. Foul play is suspected. His case may be related to that of Wanda Reine.


Paul was supposed to testify against his employer, Melvin R. Reine Sr., before a grand jury, but went missing the night before he was supposed to give testimony. He was a ward of the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services and was last seen when a police officer put him on a ferry bound for Martha's Vineyard, where some relatives lived.


  • Brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • One-inch surgical scar below his left ear.