Paul Higgins
Sex Male
Race White
Location Kenora, Ontario
Found May 10, 1973
Unidentified for 47 years
Postmortem interval N/A
Body condition Traumatic injuries
Age approximation 40-50
Height approximation 5'6 - 5'8
Weight approximation 170 pounds
Cause of death Bomb explosion

Paul Higgins was an alias used by the man who robbed a bank in Kenora, Ontario. As he was leaving the bank, he was shot by police, which detonated the explosive device he was carrying.


On May 10, 1973, a man wearing a black balaclava mask walked into the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Kenora, armed with a rifle, pistol, and shoulder bag containing a homemade bomb. He demanded money and proceeded to fill 3 duffel bags with cash.

Police arrived and one officer entered the bank, posing as a truck driver. Taken hostage, the officer was forced to carry the bags outside, followed closely by the robber. As a crowd of hundreds of onlookers gathered to watch, another officer shot the robber, triggering the bomb.

The unknown man was the only one to be killed, although the officer near the explosion was injured (but shielded by the duffel bags).

His brown leather wallet was recovered from the scene, which contained a pair of handcuff keys, 176 dollars, and a receipt from the Kenricia Hotel. It was revealed that he had checked into the hotel under the name Paul Higgins, giving a fake address of 435 Glen Drive, Toronto. He had arrived at the hotel on April 23, spending two days, before apparently taking a bus to Winnipeg. He left a steamer trunk - which also bore the name "P. Higgins" - stored at the hotel. He checked back in on May 5.

Although he wore a mask during the robbery, and his remains were destroyed in the explosion, numerous witnesses recall seeing the man in town during the days leading up to his death. They describe him as being in his 40s, with brown hair and a reddish-colored beard.


  • Brown and green checkered fedora.
  • 'Chippewa' bush boots, size 10, with 1" thick insole.
  • Brown gloves.
  • Brown and white checkered jacket.



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