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Pedro Julio Orosa was a man found murdered in 1981. He was identified days later.


In 1980, Pedro left his homecountry of Cuba and traveled to Florida via the Mariel boat lift. He moved to the West Palm Beach area, where he stayed for a few months before he decided to move to Collier County to be closer to people he grew up with in Cuba. He left West Palm Beach carrying between 700-1000 dollars in cash, which he obtained after selling a truck he had bought when he moved to Florida.

On May 12, 1981, friends of Pedro drove him to Naples, and dropped him off at an address on Bayshore Drive. That afternoon, Pedro and three of his old friends got in a vehicle and started driving to Immokalee. They had to conduct "business" in Immokalee and they were expected to be back in Naples after a few hours. Police have not released what type of business this was, so they can test people who claim they have information. It is believed Pedro never made it to Immokalee and that he died not long after he left.

On May 18, Pedro's body was found floating in a canal between Naples and Immokalee. He had died as a result of homicide but the exact cause of death has not been released. The large amount of cash Pedro had been carrying was missing, including identifying documents. His identity was not established for several days until a missing persons report was filed.

It is believed Pedro died as a result of a robbery, and the people he had been traveling with are persons of interest in the case. Two of the men are still alive and have refused to cooperate with investigators, the other man was shot and killed in an unrelated incident. Pedro still has two sons who are very active in wanting arrests made in their father's murder. Investigators believe DNA evidence can confirm the guilt of the people believed to have been involved in his death.