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Peg Kilcoyne
Age 50
Race White
Sex Female
Location Nantucket, Massachusetts
Disappeared January 26, 1980
Missing for 41 years
Height 5'
Weight 140 pounds
Classification Suspected accident /
Suspected suicide

Margaret "Peg" Mary Kilcoyne was a woman who disappeared in Massachusetts in 1980. Foul play is not suspected in her case, but she was declared legally deceased nine years after her disappearance.


Peg was last seen in her secluded vacation home in Nantucket, Massachusetts on January 26, 1980. Temperatures were below zero degrees during the night she disappeared. Her brother, who was visiting Nantucket out of fear of Peg's work-related stress, noticed she was missing the next day when he came to wake her up for church. Peg's boots, wristwatch, purse, and only coat were located in her bedroom.

Prior to her disappearance, Peg left a note that did not indicate any plans for her to leave. The day prior to her disappearance, she had purchased $650 in groceries and $250 worth of liquor, all of which were purchased in multiples of three. She had told people at the grocery store that these items were intended for a party she was going to host, but she failed to notify her family of this, and did not make any other arrangements for this event.

An extensive search of the surrounding area failed to produce any clues. Several days after her disappearance, Peg's passport, bank book, sandals, and wallet were found. Interestingly, these items were located in an area that had been previously been searched. A blouse believed to be Peg's was found rolled up and inside-out in a brush 150 years away from this site. Authorities stated the blouse had been deliberately placed there, and crawling was required to visit this specific area.

While no theories have been conclusively proven, a prominent one was that she intentionally or accidentally killed herself, possibly in a delusional state, by walking into the ocean. While many of Peg's relatives believed this theory was likely, many of her colleagues were highly skeptical.

It should be noted, however, that various reports indicated a cadaver dog was drawn to a wall in Peg's bedroom during both visits to her house. A series of tests showed a presence of blood on the wall, the baseboard and floor below the wall, and the bathtub and bathroom sinks.

Some investigators believed Peg was still alive after her disappearance, and merely wanted to start life anew. Regardless, Peg was declared legally deceased in July 1989, upon request of her brother, who subsequently received control of Peg's home, bank accounts, and possessions.