Pend Orielle County John Doe was a male whose remains were found in a tent in a remote, wooded part of Washington State.


  • His face was asymmetrical.
  • His bones showed other signs of abnormalities, which may have caused discomfort.

Clothing and accessories

• A small navy blue 'Jansport' backpack.

• clear clear plastic water bottle.

• Deodorant.

•Nail clippers.

•Toothbrush and toothpaste.

• Two markers.

•A keychain with no keys.

•A red sleeping bag.

•A hairbrush.

• Plaid, button up 'faded glory' short with no collar.

• Red, zip up, fleece jacket with a hood.

• Black, lace up , steel toed working boots.

• Thick, navy blue 'watch cap' with two red stripes at the bottom.

• White socks.



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