Peter Bergmann
Sex Male
Race White
Location Sligo, Ireland
Found June 16, 2009
Unidentified for 11 years
Postmortem interval Hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 55-60
Height approximation 5’10
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Heart attack
Peter Bergmann was the alias used by a man found dead at a beach in Ireland in 2009. He had been seen multiple times before he was found.


On June 12, 2009, a man boarded a bus in Londonderry, Ireland, and travelled to nearby Sligo, arriving at 6:28 PM. He then took a taxi to the Sligo City Hotel, where he checked in, being given room 705, and paying 65 euros for 3 nights.

He checked in using the name Peter Bergmann and listed an address of Ainstettersn 15, 4472, Vienna, Austria. This address was determined to be false. He would visit a post office in Sligo the next day, where he purchased eight 82 cent stamps and airmail stickers. No one knows where he sent the letters (which was somewhere overseas) and even if he sent anything at all, but people believe that these letters would help close the case.

Also worth noting, is that Peter Bergmann left the hotel 13 times over the next 3 days carrying a purple plastic bag, which had something inside, that police have never been able to find out. Police believe that he was disposing of his personal items throughout the town.

On June 15, he checked out of the hotel and took a bus to Rosses Point (which he had visited the day before), where he would be seen pacing nervously until 11:50 PM.

The next day, his body was found on the beach, having suffered a heart attack. An autopsy showed that the man had terminal prostate cancer, numerous bone tumours, and had suffered previous heart attacks, this man would have had weeks to live.

The case is classified as a "suspected suicide" but it appears that he suffered a heart attack during his attempt. Investigators don't believe that "Peter Bergmann" is his real name, as no person under that name and characteristics exists.



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