Philadelphia John Doe was a young adult found in southwest Philadelphia just off Lindbergh Blvd, near the airport.


  • He had fine straight black (some sources say red or auburn) hair of least 2 inches long.
  • He had a short, sparse, black goatee.
  • He has a small scar on right forehead.
  • He has a stainless steel surgical plate approximately 2 1/2" on his left/right forearm


  • He wore thin, black dress socks with a basket weave/checkered pattern on it.
  • He wore black cotton underwear, possibly boxer briefs.
  • He wore a "Kenneth Cole" brand black leather belt.
  • He wore button-fly jeans from which two "Levi Strauss" buttons were recovered.
  • He wore "ECCO" brand black leather shoes.



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