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Pierce County Jane Doe was a female whose partial remains were discovered near Eatonville, Washington in 1978. There is speculation the remains belong to Donna Manson, a presumed victim of Ted Bundy. The remains were destroyed before DNA could be obtained.


Two fishermen discovered the decedent's skull at the base of Mount Rainier. Following additional searches, clothing, hair and additional remains were recovered.

The remains and clothing were reportedly destroyed in 1985. Additional forensic evidence and dental X-Rays have also been lost.

Donna Manson

The clothing found with the remains reportedly was similar to that worn by Donna Manson, who disappeared from Olympia, Washington four years earlier. A medical examiner could not exclude Manson through dental records.

Despite this connection, the decedent is listed as being considerably taller than Manson. Accounts by Ted Bundy, who confessed to her murder, claimed he destroyed her skull through cremation. He said he disposed of the rest of her remains in the Cascade Mountains.


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