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Pima County John Doe
UP 16073.jpg
Sex Male
Race Hispanic
Location Pima County, Arizona
Found September 19, 1972
Unidentified for 49 years
Postmortem interval Months
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 22-28
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Not stated

Pima County John Doe was a male located in Arizona in 1972 alongside another male.


Near the body the following was found:

  • One empty quart bottle of "Sauza" (brand) Tequila w/flange lip and cork-type mouth,
  • One empty white or opaque plastic screw-cap jug w/self-contained handle; graduated in units of 500 from 500 cc to 3500 cc.
    • Portions of a burlap fabric are found at the neck of the bottle indicating that the jug was probably covered with material
    • A twisted double-strand hemp rope is tied to the handle.
  • One straw hat w/o crown.
  • One handle of a Gilette-type double edge safety razor, sliver colored.
  • One roll of white (?) cotton thread wrapped around a paper or cardboard core.

(Please note that these items could belong to either Individual.)


  • One pair of man's medium blue cotton trousers, size 31W x27L.
  • One pair man's dark blue denim trousers (Levi brand).
  • W/ watch pocket, button fly, size 33W x 27L, rips in legs and back.
  • One man's black heavy woven cloth jacket w/ pseudo-leather front panels, Slip on style w/ light colored plastic buttons up the front, sleeves are possibly cut off, uncuffed or w/o hems. Front pockets on both sides; one man's plaid, short-sleeve cotton sport shirt, light green w/ blue and yellow horizontal and vertical stripes. White buttons up front. neck measures 16 -16.5 in.
  • One man's plaid, long-sleeve cotton sport shirt. Small red, white, and black checked. Neck tag indicates size 16-16.5.
  • One hand-made rubber and leather sandel, constructed from the side-wall of a Goodrich tire, wire loops through soles for the attachment of the thongs.

(Please note again that these items could belong to either Individual.)