Pinal County John Doe was a male fatally struck by a vehicle as he was crossing an interstate in 2004.


The male ran out of a vehicle when pulled over by United States Border Patrol and was hit by a van, causing massive, traumatic injuries that resulted in his facial features to be unrecognizable.


  • The victim had sparse stubble on his chin.
  • He had short black hair.
  • The victim had multiple tattoos, reconstructions are pictured above. They contained blue and black ink.
    • One was of a beaded necklace on his chest.
    • “Love you forever" encircled with a heart on his chest,
    • “Sufro Por Ti” on his left arm, with an image of barbed wire below,
    • “XV3” on his upper right back.


  • The victim wore navy-blue pants with some writing,
    • “6453327425” and “75002262727”
    • An "unintelligible name" on the waistband
  • a short-sleeve green plaid shirt.
  • a short-sleeve black and gray shirt.
  • "Military-style", Commando brand boots that were black with a camouflage decoration.



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