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Popes Island Jane Doe was a woman found murdered in Massachusetts in 1996.


The victim was shot a total 12 times and was struck in the face. The body was disposed of in the Popes Island Marina, after being wrapped in two green garbage bags and a white and blue blanket. The body appeared to have floated from where it was originally dumped.

She may have been an illegal immigrant from Belarus, not only because of her general appearance but for her ring, which came from the former Soviet republic.

The style of the blanket suggests she or her killer may have been involved with a fishing boat.


  • She had naturally light brown hair, which was dyed strawberry blond.
  • She had had brown, hazel or green eyes.
  • Her toenails were painted
  • Her ears were pierced
  • Her legs and underarms were unshaved
  • She had low-quality dental work which appeared to be performed outside the United States.

Clothing and accessories

  • Yellow shirt.
  • White pullover with rectangular shapes.
  • High heeled boots.
  • A gold ring with an emerald stone.



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