Princess Blue
Princess Blue
Sex Female
Race White/Black/Hispanic
Location Manvel, Texas
Found September 10, 1990
Unidentified for 28 years
Postmortem interval 6 months-5 years
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 15 - 19
Height approximation 4'10 - 5'2
Cause of death Undetermined[1](S)

Princess Blue was a teenager whose skeleton was found at the side of a road in Texas. She is known by her nickname due to a blue 1975 class ring that she wore.


Princess Blue's unclothed body was found under a pile of brush and a tire by a man who stopped to relieve himself. She wore several rings, including the class ring that was found. She was likely deceased for around a year, which indicated that the ring did not belong to her originally.

She was thought to be Hispanic, but was later found to be White with African-American heritage, most likely having at least one Black grandparent. Because of this, the sketches may not be accurate.


  • Princess Blue had several untreated cavities.
  • She may have had a tumor one of her knees.
  • There were no traceable drugs in her system.
  • Two of her ribs were fractured
  • She had two fillings in her teeth.
  • An upper left tooth appeared to have been surgically removed.


  • The victim wore a class ring from Robert E. Lee high school with a blue stone that was dated for 1975.
  • A silver ring with a scroll design.
  • A sliver ring with a turquoise stone in a unicorn or horse shape.
  • A gold ring with clear stones.
  • Two "thin" silver rings.
  • A pearl-beaded bracelet.


  • The class ring may have belonged to a much older boyfriend or a family member.Acknowledged




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