Princess Doe Cscr-featured
Princess Doe color
Sex Female
Race White
Location Blairstown, New Jersey
Found July 15, 1982
Unidentified for 37 years
Postmortem interval 2 days - Weeks
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 14-20
Height approximation 5'2
Weight approximation 100 pounds
Cause of death Beating
This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Princess Doe was a teenager or young adult who was found murdered in a cemetery in Blairstown, New Jersey.


Princess Doe was found days after her death. She had begun to decompose and her head had been severely damaged by a blunt object. She wore a dress and a cross pendant was found tangled in her hair.

It is not known if Princess Doe was sexually assaulted or raped, although her skirt was found removed from her body and thrown on top of her legs. No semen was found, as the body was too decomposed.

She was given the name "Princess" by Lt. Eric Kranz of the Blairstown police, who wanted her to be known by a different name such as Jane Doe, to distinguish her case from others easily.

Princess Doe

2012 reconstruction

The victim was possibly seen alive at a supermarket by a mother and child, who recognized the clothing found with Princess Doe's body. The woman described the victim wearing her hair in a bun with a stoic facial expression. This was two days before the body was found, which is consistent with law enforcement's updated belief that she was killed only days before her discovery.

No trace of drugs were found in her system. Some reports claim Princess Doe's blood contained alcohol. According to Lt. Kranz, Princess Doe's blood had actually fermented during decomposition.

Donna Kinlaw stated that her husband Arthur was involved in the victim's murder. She stated that her husband had picked up young women and had them involved in a prostitution ring. She also stated he was also responsible for the murders of other victims, some who remain unidentified, like Princess Doe.

Investigators are skeptical of this confession, as many question the credibility of the Kinlaws.

In 2015, Princess Doe was given a new reconstruction by NCMEC and her age range was updated from 14- 18 to 15 - 20.

The New Jersey State Police believed Princess Doe was Diane Dye for years, despite inconsistencies with dental charting. Dye was finally ruled out by DNA in 2003.

Physical characteristics

  • She had brown, shoulder length hair.
  • Her left ear was pierced twice. It is unknown if her right ear was pierced, due to decomposition.
  • Princess Doe had painted the nails on her right hand red.
  • She wore blue eyeshadow.
  • Her top two front teeth appeared slightly darker than the rest.
  • Recent isotope analysis of Princess Doe's remains indicated that she had spent time in various regions of the United States before her murder, including possible locations such as Arizona.


  • Princess Doe wore a skirt that was red and white with a peacock design on the bottom portion.
  • She wore a red T-Shirt.
  • A gold necklace with a cross pendant was found tangled in her hair.


Media appearances

  • Her case appeared on America's Most Wanted


Possible identities

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