Pulaski County Jane Doe
Sex Female
Race Unknown
(Possibly White/Native American)
Location Dixon, Missouri
Found May 25, 1981
Unidentified for 39 years
Postmortem interval 24 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 30 - 35
Height approximation 5'3 - 5'4
Weight approximation 130 pounds
Cause of death Strangulation/Beating

Pulaski County Jane Doe was a woman found murdered in Missouri in 1981.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.


On May 5, 1981, law enforcement recovered the decedent from a low water crossing on Highway MM near Dixon, Missouri. She had suffered trauma to the face and was strangled with pantyhose.

Isotope testing later showed that the decedent hadn't lived in Missouri for more than a few years, and most likely spent most of her life in the southeastern region of the United States.

Clothing and accessories

  • A bra with a written word (Possibly Jubel, Julie, Juliel, or Juliet) gave a potential clue to her identity, which has yet to be verified.
  • The decedent was found clothed but without shoes.



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