Quay County John Doe is a man who was killed in Quay County, New Mexico on January 12, 1919.


The victim was found in the local switchyards of Tucumcari, New Mexico. He was killed when a string of box cars switched near the R.R. lane during the night. His head and overall body was badly mangled. It is believed he may have committed suicide or he was trying to get a ride out of town and his death was an accident. Several people seen him, but none of them knew who he was. He is buried at the Tucumcari Memorial Park (referred to as the Sunnyside Cemetery in the 1919 newspaper article) in Tucumcari.


  • Light hair.
  • No distinctive marks or "letters" (possibly referring to tattoos).
  • Appeared to have been a "lunger", someone with tuberculosis in their lungs.


  • Two suits of overalls.


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