Racine County Jane Doe Cscr-featured
Sex Female
Race White
Location Raymond, Wisconsin
Found July 21, 1999
Unidentified for 19 years
Postmortem interval 24 hours
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 18-35
Height approximation 5'8
Weight approximation 120 pounds
Cause of death Beating
This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Racine County Jane Doe was a young woman who was found murdered in July 1999. She has been nicknamed "Crystal Rae."


It is possible that the victim was intellectually disabled, as she appeared to have a small brain cavity in the skull. She had been beaten and tortured for several weeks and possibly was starved during her ordeal.

Her body was dumped near a corn field and found within hours.

Physical Description

  • She had curly brown hair.
  • She had brown or hazel eyes.
  • She had scars on both of her shins.
  • Her ears were double-pierced.
  • Her left ear was deformed (Possibly from the beating)


  • She may have been Aundria Bowman.Rule Out
  • She may have been killed by the same individual(s) as Mary Kate Chamizo.
  • She may have been an immigrant from a foreign country who was hired as a housekeeper or indentured servant. Acknowledged
  • She may be Nyleen Marshall Rule Out
  • She may have been from a troubled background.



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