Rae Downing
Rae Downing.jpg
Age 32
Race Native American
Sex Female
Location Gallup, New Mexico
Disappeared December 14, 1956
Missing for 63 years
Height 5'6
Weight 130 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Walcie Rae Downing[1] (née: Alston) is a missing woman from New Mexico.


Downing was born in Arkansas and lived in the following states at some point in addition to her birth state and home state: Arizona, Texas, and California.


According to her family, Downing was going through a difficult time at the time of her disappearance. She had a broken relationship and may have been having an affair with a police officer. Downing had five children and told one daughter, who was 14 when she last saw her mother, not to look for her. Despite these parting words, her children don't believe she would have abandoned them permanently.

This is her last confirmed contact. Even though it isn't confirmed, there is a possibility that she contacted her children by phone around 1959.

Downing drove a cream or tan 1952 or 1954 Ford. This vehicle hasn't been recovered.


One theory is that she was murdered in the area of Grants, New Mexico, or somewhere in the lava fields of El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico.


  • Curly shoulder-length black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Moles on her back.
  • Pierced ears.

Clothing and accessories

  • White blouse.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Engagement ring.



  1. She may go by her middle name. Previous married name: Pearce or Pierce.
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