Ramsey County John Doe
Saint Paul John Doe UP12123 Reconstruction 001d
Sex Male
Race White
Location St. Paul, Minnesota
Found February 7, 1985
Unidentified for 34 years
Postmortem interval Weeks
Body condition Recognizable face/Mummified
Age approximation 20 - 40
Height approximation 5'11
Weight approximation 180 pounds
Cause of death Exposure

(Manner undetermined)

Ramsey County John Doe was a man found frozen in an abandoned building in Minnesota in 1985.


  • He was wearing boots
  • He had a duffel bag as well as a blanket,however it is not known if both the duffel bag or the blanket had belonged to him.
  • He wore a orange hat
  • He wore a white jacket
  • He wore a camouflage designed jacket
  • Eye color could not be obtained because of decomposition.
  • He had brown hair.
  • He had a moustache and beard.


  • He may have been a homeless man as his clothing suggests.