Randolph Houser
Sex Male
Race Black
Location Los Angeles, California
Found February 9, 1968
Unidentified for 52 years
Postmortem interval Minutes
Body condition Recognizable face
Age approximation 15-20
Height approximation 6'3
Weight approximation 156 pounds
Cause of death Homicide (Shot by police)
"Randolph Houser" was the possible name of a teenager or young adult murdered by policemen in 1968.


At 5:13 AM on February 9, 1968, the decedent was surprised by the police after attempting to break into a cleaning store on Normandie Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

After the police tried to arrest him, he ran off and hid in a trash barrel. The police ordered the man to come out, but he jumped out and attempted to climb a fence. The two officers fired their guns at the man, killing him.

Due to the fact that racism was highly tolerated at this time, the officers were never charged with their death. The investigation has revealed that the decedent may have gone by the name Randolph Houser.



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