Sex Male
Race White
Location San Antonio, Florida
Found January 24, 1989
Unidentified for 31 years
Postmortem interval 6 months
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 30-50
Height approximation 5'6 - 5'7
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Gunshot (homicide)

"Randy" was a man whose remains were found in an orange grove off Curley Road in San Antonio, Florida. His nickname originates from a name found printed on the waistband of his pants.


  • His hair was reddish-brown.
  • Due to decomposition, his eye color couldn't be determined.
  • His teeth were in poor condition.
    • He had upper and lower partial denture plates made of chrome cobalt and acrylic. They appeared to be new, as there was minimal stain or wear.
    • Tooth #15 was tilted mesially.
    • Tooth #17 was chipped.
    • Tooth #20 was rotated distally.
    • He had generalized periodontal disease.
  • He had two tattoos:
    • A green, flaming dragon winding around a nude woman with red high heels and a confederate flag on his left forearm.
    • The letters "HFD" below a swastika and Norse cross with Harley Davidson wings in front of a confederate flag on his left upper arm.

Clothing and belongings

  • His outfit consisted of:
    • A black Sunbelt Sportswear sleeveless shirt in a medium size. "Black Hills of South Dakota" was written on the front and a Native American in front of several teepees and a shield was on the back.
    • Navy blue work pants size 32 and inseam 28. There were two spots of red paint on them and there was a tag on the waistband with the name "Randy."
    • A white sock with red stripes.
    • A gray sock with yellow and blue stripes.
    • Brown cowboy boots.
  • Other items he had with him consisted of:
    • Thick lensed glasses from the brand Givenchy.
    • A pink gas lighter.
    • A green gas lighter.
    • A quarter dated 1980.
    • An empty can of Budweiser.
    • A few pellets of birdshot.



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