This individual's NamUs file has recently been removed. While this implies the resolution of a case, no identification has been confirmed at this time.
Sex Male
Race White/Hispanic
Location Del Mar, California
Found July 10, 2019
Unidentified for 1 year and 19 days
Postmortem interval N/A
Body condition Burned
Age approximation 20-43
Height approximation 5'10
Weight approximation 270 pounds
Cause of death Incineration

"Randy" is the possible name of a man who is believed to have lit himself on fire in 2019. His NamUS was removed in June or July of 2020.


Emergency workers located the male around 9pm, under a bridge at Old El Camino Real and Carmel Valley Road. The John Doe was believed to have self-immolated as an act of suicide, although he was conscious and walking upon their arrival. He stated that his name was "Randy," and that he was 26 years old. It is possible he was a transient.

After being admitted to hospital care, he passed away six days later.


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