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Rankin County Jane Doe was a woman whose body was wrapped in a blanket and left in an illegal landfill 1 mile south of the Byram Swinging Bridge. She's believed to be a victim of homicide, and also, a possible victim of the prolific serial killer Samuel Little due to her cause of death.

It is currently theorized she may be Wendy Byron.


On September 6, 1978, a body was found wrapped in a blanket along the banks of the Pearl River with no sign of any identifying factors. It was believed that her killer had driven through the Byram Swinging Bridge and down the nearby dirt road to where the trash site where she was located to dump her after bludgeoning her to death. She was said to have been in the trash dump for at least 7 days, hindering any efforts to uncover her eye color. In addition, the body was devoid of clothing, tattoos, and distinguishing marks, along with no fingerprints, dental work, or DNA. Eventually, investigators obtained what fingerprints they could off of the decedent's body and entered her into the National Crime Information Center, and obtained several leads. Though, these leads have been fruitless.

As of 2021, detectives are investigating a lead that she may be a victim of Samuel Little and her identity may be that of Wendy Bryon, who went missing from Glendora, California. Amongst visual similarities, Rankin County Jane Doe was found only days after Byron's disappearance. Rankin County Police are currently working to obtain a warrant to exhume her body to extract her DNA.


  • Brown hair