Raoul was the possible name for a man whose body was found in the back of a van in South Carolina.


The decedent was found in the back of a Dodge van in a vehicle junkyard on 598 Meeting Street in Charleston, by employees of Gilchrist Towing who noticed a foul odor coming from the van. A t-shirt was found over the decedent's head and a shoelace from his own boot was tied around his wrist. The circumstances surrounding his death are considered suspicious. It is believed he died about 20 days prior to his discovery.

In the van, police found a backpack containing items such as dental tools, a Spanish bible, and a fraudulent social security card. Also found were several business cards from local Hispanic operated businesses, including one from a landscaping company. The owner of the company told police that on a Saturday approximately a month prior to the decedent's death, he had gone to a homeless shelter on Meeting Street seeking a few men who could work for him that day. Two men accepted his offer. The men identified themselves as Eddie and Raoul, and claimed that they were passing through Charleston from New York City. Eddie spoke a little English while Raoul was only fluent in Spanish. Throughout the day, Eddie reportedly asked the owner where he and Raoul could obtain drugs. Once they were finished working, the owner dropped Eddie and Raoul off at the Rite Aid on Meeting Street, giving both a business card and telling them if they wanted to work for him again to call him. The owner never saw or heard from them again.

Eddie was described as Hispanic, in his 20s and having a short stocky build. Raoul was also described as Hispanic, in his 40s, and with a tall build and facial hair. The owner described how Raoul carried a backpack like the decedent. Police believe the decedent and Raoul are probably the same person, however they have been unable to confirm his identity.


  • Long dark colored hair, approximately 4 inches in length

Clothing and accessories

  • Boxer shorts.
  • Dark jeans.
  • Brown belt.
  • Socks.
  • Brown work boots.
  • T-shirt found over head.


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