Rita Jolly
Rita Jolly
Age 17
Race White
Sex Female
Location West Linn, Oregon
Disappeared June 29, 1973
Missing for 46 years
Height 5'6
Weight 130 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide
Rita Lorraine Jolly was a teenager who disappeared in 1973. She is suspected to be a victim of serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy did not claim responsibility for her murder.


  • Jolly had long, light brown hair.
  • She had hazel eyes
  • She walked with an uneven gait due to a previous leg fracture that did not heal properly.


  • Jolly was last seen wearing a brown Pendleton shirt
  • She was either wearing blue jeans or army fatigue pants. It is unknown which one it is.
  • She had on blue tennis shoes with buckskin heels



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