Riverside County Jane Doe was a female who was discovered in Palm Desert, California in 1997.


The decedent was found in hills behind Foothills shopping center by a construction crew. It is possible that she may have been living in the area for several days. She had superficial abrasions on her legs and head and the autopsy indicated she had died of heart disease.

Clothing and accessories

  • White sleeveless shirt.
  • White and tan shirt.
  • Tan jacket.
  • Blue denim pants.
  • Tan bra.
  • Tan underwear.
  • Oversized plastic frame bifocal eyeglasses.
  • Tan shoes.
  • Yellow metal wedding band on the left ring finger.


  • An unfinished letter in English and Scottish Gaelic that read "Dear love of my heart..." and "A ghraidh mo chridhe." ("O love of my heart").
  • Greeting cards with addressee and signature torn out.
  • Bus passes.
  • Cash.



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