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Robert Bowling
Robert ap.jpgRobert ap 2.jpg
Age 3-4 months
Race White
Sex Male
Location Parker, Colorado
Disappeared August 11, 1985
Missing for 36 years
Height 1'6"
Weight 12-18 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide
Suspected natural

Robert James Bowling was an infant who went missing in 1985.

No photographs of him exist, although he has been age-progressed.


Robert's mother and her boyfriend, John David Hinton, along with his Robert's older sister, travelled to Louisiana from Colorado in 1985. He allegedly died after arriving in Louisiana, but the circumstances of his death are unclear. His mother claims that Hinton shook Robert to death, while Hinton insists that he died of pneumonia. His body was allegedly wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown into a trash can.

His sister was also missing, with her mother claiming that she gave her to a couple in Louisiana. She was found alive in 1996, having been adopted by the same couple.