Robert Cooper
Sex Male
Race White
Location Aurora, Colorado
Active May 25, 2004
Unidentified for 16 years
Age approximation 30-50
Height approximation 5'10"
Weight approximation 170-180 pounds
Offense Murder, torture

This case contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all readers.

"Robert Cooper" is the alias used by a man who is the prime suspect in the 2004 murder of Al Kite.


On May 25, 2004, the body of Oakey Albert "Al" Kite Jr. was discovered in the basement of his residence in Aurora, Colorado. He had been bound, beaten, tortured, and stabbed.

The victim's wallet and cell phone were taken from the scene. The cell phone was later discovered in a payphone booth.

An unidentified man attempted to use the victim's debit card at an ATM following the murder. A surveillance video from the ATM shows a man wearing a ski mask driving the victim's pickup truck. The truck was later discovered near the victim's home.

The primary suspect in this murder case is a man who rented a room from Kite prior to the murder. The renter provided completely false information about himself, including the alias Robert Cooper.

The perpetrator went to great lengths to conceal traces of his identity, however, some blood left at the scene was ascertained to be the perpetrator's. He is believed to be associated with the Turkish Hezbollah due to a similarity in foot flogging techniques used by the perpetrator on his victim and the techniques utilized by this organization. Witness statements and the perpetrator's DNA profile also link him to the Balkan area.


  • Curly brown or black hair.
  • Brown or hazel eyes.
  • A fair or very fair white skin complexion.
  • Walked with a limp and used a cane.
  • He spoke with an Eastern European accent, possibly Romanian.

Various witnesses, mainly other landlords who had been approached by the same man as well as the victim's girlfriend, provided descriptions of him. In addition to the surveillance footage of the suspect and witness statements, DNA phenotyping has been utilized with the help of Parabon NanoLabs in order to ascertain his physical appearance. Genetic genealogy has been successfully used to identify his relatives in the Balkans.



  • The case was featured in an episode of The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes.


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