Roberto Caraballo
Roberto Caraballo.octet-stream
Name Roberto Higüey Alejandro Caraballo
Sex Male
Found May 8, 2002
Location Grand Haven, Michigan
Missing from Charlotte, Michigan
Identified 2015
Span 13 years
Age 37
Cause of death Beating
Roberto Higüey Alejandro Caraballo, formerly known as "Jack in the Box", or simply as "Jack", was a man found murdered in Michigan in 2002. He had been beaten to death and was set afire after his death. His body was inside of a chest that was likely disposed of by two or more people.


He was identified in 2015 after the police received a tip from someone who had seen the online documentary about the case. Three people have been charged with his murder. Robert's wife, daughter, and another man were charged with his murder. The wife is currently wanted for his murder, and may be in Pakistan.



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