VerifyThis individual is pending identification, and law enforcement has yet to confirm this status.

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JCD-16YearsOld PhojoeStamp3
Sex Male
Race White
Location Clinton, Wisconsin
Found November 26, 1995
Unidentified for 24 years
Postmortem interval 1 year
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 17 - 20
Height approximation 5'6"
Weight approximation 140 pounds
Cause of death Undetermined

Rock County John Doe (also known as John Clinton Doe) was a young man found deceased on the bank of Turtle Creek near Clinton, Rock County, Wisconsin in 1995. His cause of death remains undetermined but foul play is not suspected.

DNA Doe Project announced his identification on February 22, 2019. The identification currently awaits law enforcement's confirmation.


His skeletal remains were found with no signs of foul play. He was lying face down, fully clothed in unique camo pants, black "Venom" band t-shirt, and covered in a lined plaid jacket. The remoteness of the scene (no vehicle access) and position of the body indicate he died in his sleep, from an overdose, or perhaps from hypothermia. During the initial investigation to discover his identity, witnesses came forth to report they had seen a young man appearing intoxicated running through the Creek a year prior on October 30, 1994. While most investigators believe "River Guy" (young man running in Creek) is the same person found a year later (JCD), no conclusive evidence links the two individuals.

The Find JCD Project was established in 2015 in order to focus more attention on this case and to organize volunteers in the hunt for JCD's name and family. Currently (August, 2018) bone material from JCD's femur has been submitted to Bode CellMark DNA labs to extract DNA in order to conduct a genetic DNA search through the DNA Doe Project. His DNA was successfully sequenced.

Tentative identification

The DNA Doe Project announced they had made a tentative match in February 2019. Law enforcement have yet to confirm this, citing the need for more conclusive evidence. The agency investigating his case wish to conduct their own investigation.



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