Rockwood Jane Doe was a woman whose remains were found on Highway 7, between Guelph and Rockwood, in Ontario, Canada.


A passerby found the partially decomposed body of the woman in a wooded area at a picnic and rest area. The exact cause of death is not listed but foul play is suspected by police.


  • Light brown hair.
  • A medium build.
  • She lost two upper teeth on the left front and wore partial plate with no serial number.
  • Decedent had a facial deformity from a broken left cheek, nose and left eye socket that has since healed.
  • Rib #7 was broken on the left side of the body.


  • Beige 'Atsmosphere' tank top, 1" straps (size 10 1/2, made in Quebec).
  • Pink '725 Original' brassiere with '31' printed on the left cup.
  • Black 'Illegal Jeanswear' corduroy shorts, two zippered pockets in the front with button-down fraps (size 9).
  • White thong-style 'Rivage Intimate' panties with a small bow at the waist.



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