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Ronnie Harper
Ronnie Harper.jpg
Age 16
Race First Nations
Sex Male
Location Red Sucker Lake, Manitoba
Disappeared July 21, 1966
Missing for 55 years
Height 146 pounds
Weight 5'9
Classification Suspected accident

Ronnie Harper (Born August 31, 1949) was a teenager who disappeared after a canoe he was on capsized. He is believed to have drowned.


Ronnie is described to have brown eyes and straight, brown hair. He had a thin build and a dark complexion. When he disappeared, Ronnie was wearing a blue, nylon jacket with a hood; blue, denim jeans; and blue, rubber boots.


On the day of Ronnie's disappearance, a male acquaintance asked if Ronnie could help him lift one of his nets out of Red Sucker Lake. The two proceeded to go to the site of the net in a canoe.

When the two arrived, they struggled to pull out the net, which was presumably weighed down. The two teenagers decided to pull on the net's line harder, only for the line to break free from the weight. The abrupt shift resulted in both of them losing their balance and capsizing the canoe.

After a while, Ronnie told his friend that he didn't have the strength to hold on any longer. Ronnie's friend continued to head to shore and survived, but realized Ronnie was gone by the time he got back.