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Rosbach Jane Doe was a woman found near Rosbach, Germany on June 21, 1988.


Forestry workers discovered the skeletonized body of Rosbach Jane Doe in a drainage ditch. What she died of is unknown, however investigators are certain it was homicide.

Through an isotope survey, it was discovered in 2017 that Rosbach Jane Doe:

  • Likely grew up in mountainous regions of southeastern Poland or adjacent territory (Ukraine, Slovakia).
  • During her pupal years, she stayed in an alpine region (e.g., Switzerland or northern Italy).
  • During the last period of her life, she stayed in India or another seaside, South Asian region.
  • A few weeks before her death she came to Germany/ Central Europe.

Until today Rosbach Jane Doe could not be identified.


  • Slim.
  • Born between 1953 and 1963.
  • Medium brown, curly hair.
  • Shoe size 34-35.
  • 17 dental fillings (mostly silver amalgam).
  • Precipitous forebite.
  • Blood group A.
  • No use of narcotics.

Clothing and accessories

  • Wore gold-colored star-shaped stud earring.