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Sébastien Métivier
Sebastianmetivier.jpg Progressed to an unknown age
Age 8
Race White
Sex Male
Location Montreal, Quebec
Disappeared November 1, 1984
Missing for 36 years
Height 3'11
Weight 65 - 66 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Sébastien Métivier (Born December 4, 1975) was a boy last seen in front of the Tres-Saint-Nom-de-Jesus church, heading to an art class. He disappeared on the same day as two other boys who were later found murdered, but Sebastien has yet to be found.


  • Light brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Sebastien has his left ear pierced.
  • A scar is on Sebastien's right cheek.
  • A birthmark is on Sebastien's lower abdomen.


  • A brown jacket.
  • A blue and gray jogging sweater.
  • Blue pants with a patch on the right knee.
  • Red, Cougar-style boots.